NDC to RxNorm Crosswalk 0781-7177 Brimonidine

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RxNorm Crosswalk Information

This drug is included in the RxNorm Current Prescribable Content, a subset of RxNorm that includes all drugs available for prescription in the United States.

The RxNorm crosswalk for NDC code 0781-7177 indicates a single RxNorm Concept Unique Identifier known as RxCUI associated to the product Brimonidine . The unique RxCUI concept linked to this product is: 861204. RxCUIs are identifiers that group each chemically distinct drug into a single code regardless of manufacturer or package size. Drugs mapped to the same RxCUI are considered the same drug as having the same ingredients, strengths, and dose forms. The RxNorm mapping may include repeated RxCUI concepts with different descriptions and term types.

RxCUI: 861204

Concept: brimonidine tartrate 0.1 % Ophthalmic Solution
Term Type (TTY): PSN - Prescribable Name
Synonym of another TTY, given for clarity and for display purposes in electronic prescribing applications. Only one PSN per concept.
Concept: brimonidine tartrate 1 MG/ML Ophthalmic Solution
Term Type (TTY): SCD - Semantic Clinical Drug
Ingredient + Strength + Dose Form
Concept: brimonidine tartrate 0.1 % Ophthalmic Solution
Term Type (TTY): SY - Synonym
Synonym of another TTY, given for clarity.

What is RxNorm?

RxNorm is a system developed and maintained by the National Library of Medicine (NLM). RxNorm is a normalized naming system for generic and branded drugs. RxNorm is also a tool that supports interoperability between different drug terminologies and other naming systems.

The goal of RxNorm is to facilitate the efficient exchange of drug information among the computer systems used by hospitals, pharmacies, clinics and other organizations. To achieve this goal RxNorm provides normalized names and unique identifiers for drugs and medicines.

What is an RXCUI?

An RxCUI is machine readable unique identifier that defines the same common concept. Every name and code provided to the National Library of Medicine receives an RXCUI. Drug products that map to the same RxCUI are considered the same drug while drugs that are distinct will have different RxCUIs.

What is a Term Type (TTY)?

Term Types (TTYs) are used to specify the level of complexity of each RxCUI term.

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