NDC Package 50632-010-01 Rabavert

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NDC Package Code:
Package Description:
1 KIT in 1 CARTON * 1 mL in 1 VIAL, GLASS (50632-013-01) * 1 mL in 1 SYRINGE (50632-011-01)
Product Code:
Proprietary Name:
Non-Proprietary Name:
Rabies Vaccine
Usage Information:
RabAvert is indicated for preexposure vaccination, in both primary series and booster dose, and for postexposure prophylaxis against rabies in all age groups. Usually an immunization series is initiated and completed with 1 vaccine product. No clinical studies have been conducted that document a change in efficacy or the frequency of adverse reactions when the series is completed with a second vaccine product. However, for booster immunization, RabAvert was shown to elicit protective antibody level responses in persons tested who received a primary series with HDCV.4,11
11-Digit NDC Billing Format:
Billing Unit:
EA - Billing unit of "each" is used when the product is dispensed in discreet units.
Product Type:
Labeler Name:
Bavarian Nordic A/s
Dosage Form:
Kit - A packaged collection of related material.
Sample Package:
FDA Application Number:
Marketing Category:
BLA - A product marketed under an approved Biologic License Application.
Start Marketing Date:
Listing Expiration Date:
Exclude Flag:
Code Structure:

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NDC HCPCS Crosswalk

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NDC Billing CodeHCPCS CodeHCPCS Code Desc.DosagePackage SizePackage QuantityBillable UnitsBillable Units / Pkg
5063200100190675Rabies vaccine im1 ML1111

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is NDC 50632-010-01?

The NDC Packaged Code 50632-010-01 is assigned to a package of 1 kit in 1 carton * 1 ml in 1 vial, glass (50632-013-01) * 1 ml in 1 syringe (50632-011-01) of Rabavert, a vaccine label labeled by Bavarian Nordic A/s. The product's dosage form is kit and is administered via form.

Is NDC 50632-010 included in the NDC Directory?

Yes, Rabavert with product code 50632-010 is active and included in the NDC Directory. The product was first marketed by Bavarian Nordic A/s on November 11, 1997 and its listing in the NDC Directory is set to expire on December 31, 2025 if the product is not updated or renewed by the manufacturer.

What is the NDC billing unit for package 50632-010-01?

The contents of this package are billed per "each", products billed on a per each basis are usually products dispensed in discreet units.

What is the 11-digit format for NDC 50632-010-01?

The 11-digit format is 50632001001. The 11-digit billing format might be required by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and other payers in billing claim forms.

This package code is originally configured in a 5-3-2 segment 10-digit format and by adding a zero within the original NDC package code we can obtain the converted 11-digit format in a 5-4-2 segment configuration. The table below shows the 11-digit code conversion:

10-Digit Format10-Digit Original Code11-Digit Format11-Digit Code