NDC 51655-318 Propranolol Hyrochloride

NDC Product Code 51655-318

NDC CODE: 51655-318

Proprietary Name: Propranolol Hyrochloride What is the Proprietary Name?
The proprietary name also known as the trade name is the name of the product chosen by the medication labeler for marketing purposes.

NDC Code Structure

  • 51655 - Northwind Pharmaceuticals

NDC 51655-318-52

Package Description: 30 TABLET in 1 BOTTLE, DISPENSING

This product is EXCLUDED from the official NDC directory because the listing data was inactivated by the FDA.

NDC Product Information

Information for Patients

Propranolol (Cardiovascular)

Propranolol (Cardiovascular) is pronounced as (proe pran' oh lole)

Why is propranolol (cardiovascular) medication prescribed?
Propranolol is used to treat high blood pressure, irregular heart rhythms, pheochromocytoma (tumor on a small gland near the kidneys), certain types of tremor, and hypert...
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