NDC 52124-0102 First Aid Contains 101 Pieces

NDC Product Code 52124-0102

NDC CODE: 52124-0102

Proprietary Name: First Aid Contains 101 Pieces What is the Proprietary Name?
The proprietary name also known as the trade name is the name of the product chosen by the medication labeler for marketing purposes.

Non-Proprietary Name: What is the Non-Proprietary Name?
The non-proprietary name is sometimes called the generic name. The generic name usually includes the active ingredient(s) of the product.

Product Characteristics

Shape: ROUND (C48348)
11 MM
Score: 1

NDC Code Structure

  • 52124 - Genuine First Aid Llc

NDC 52124-0102-1

Package Description: 1 KIT in 1 KIT * .9 g in 1 PACKAGE (52124-0004-1) * .8 mL in 1 PACKAGE (52124-0001-1) * 10 mL in 1 BOTTLE (52124-0005-1) * .5 mL in 1 PACKAGE (52124-0002-1) * 2 TABLET, CHEWABLE in 1 PACKAGE (52124-0012-1)

This product is EXCLUDED from the official NDC directory because the listing data was inactivated by the FDA.

NDC Product Information

First Aid Contains 101 Pieces with NDC 52124-0102 is a product labeled by Genuine First Aid Llc. The generic name of First Aid Contains 101 Pieces is . The product's dosage form is and is administered via form.

Labeler Name: Genuine First Aid Llc

Inactive Ingredient(s)

About the Inactive Ingredient(s)
The inactive ingredients are all the component of a medicinal product OTHER than the active ingredient(s). The acronym "UNII" stands for “Unique Ingredient Identifier” and is used to identify each inactive ingredient present in a product.

  • WATER (UNII: 059QF0KO0R)
  • WATER (UNII: 059QF0KO0R)
  • FD&C YELLOW NO. 6 (UNII: H77VEI93A8)
  • SUCROSE (UNII: C151H8M554)

Product Labeler Information

What is the Labeler Name?
Name of Company corresponding to the labeler code segment of the Product NDC.

Labeler Name: Genuine First Aid Llc
Labeler Code: 52124
Start Marketing Date: 04-24-2010 What is the Start Marketing Date?
This is the date that the labeler indicates was the start of its marketing of the drug product.

Listing Expiration Date: 12-31-2018 What is the Listing Expiration Date?
This is the date when the listing record will expire if not updated or certified by the product labeler.

Exclude Flag: I - INACTIVATED, the listing data was inactivated by the FDA. What is the NDC Exclude Flag?
This field indicates whether the product has been removed/excluded from the NDC Directory for failure to respond to FDA"s requests for correction to deficient or non-compliant submissions ("Y"), or because the listing certification is expired ("E"), or because the listing data was inactivated by FDA ("I"). Values = "Y", "N", "E", or "I".

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First Aid Contains 101 Pieces Product Labeling Information

The product labeling information includes all published material associated to a drug. Product labeling documents include information like generic names, active ingredients, ingredient strength dosage, routes of administration, appearance, usage, warnings, inactive ingredients, etc.

Product Labeling Index

Otc - Active Ingredient

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS:Benzalkonium Chloride 0.13%Lidocaine HCL 0.5%

Active Ingredient:                                            PurposeBenzalkonium Chloride 0.40%..........    First Aid Antiseptic

Active Ingredient:Purified Water USP...q.s.

Active Ingredient:                                        PurposeIsopropyl Alcohol, 70% v/v...............        Antiseptic

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Otc - Purpose

Purpose: First aid antiseptic, external analgesicUses: First aid to help prevent infection and for the temporary relief of pain and itching associated with: Minor CutsScrapesBurns

Use: For Professional and Hospital use.  Helps prevent infection.  Antiseptic cleansing of face, hands and body without soap and water.

Uses:For flushing or irrigating the eyes toremove loose foreign material, air pollutants, or chlorinated wate

Use:    For preparation of skin before injection.

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Warnings:For external  use only

Warning:    For external use only.

Warning:If you experience eye pain, changes in vision, continued redness or irritation of the eye, or if the condition worsens or persists for more than 72 hours, discontinue use and consult a doctor. Do not use if solution changes color or becomes cloudy.

Warnings:    For external use only.

WarningsReye's syndrome: Children and teenagers who have or are recovering from chicken pox or flu-like symptoms should not use this product. When using this product, if changes in behavior with nausea and vomiting occur, consult a doctor because these symptoms could be an early sign of reye's syndrome, a rare but serious illness.Stomach bleeding warning:  This product contains a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), which may cause stomach bleeding.  The chance is higher if the user; has had stomach ulcers or bleeding problems takes a blood thinning (anticoagulant) or steroid drug takes other drugs containing prescription or nonprescription NSAIDs (aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen, or others) takes more or for a longer time than directed is age 60 or older has 3 or more alcoholic drinks every while using this product.

Otc - Do Not Use

Do not use: In eyes, in large quantities, over raw blistered areas, or on deep puncture wounds, animal bites or serious burns, for more than one week

Do not use in the eyes or over large areas of the body.

Do not use: with electrocautery, in the eyes.

Do not useif you are allergic to aspirin or any other pain relievers/fever reducersfor more than 10 days for pain unless directed by a doctorfor more than 3 days for fever unless directed by a doctorfor at least 7 days after a tonsillectomy or oral surgery

Otc - Keep Out Of Reach Of Children

Keep out of reach of Children.If ingested, contact a Poison Control Center right away.

Keep out of reach of children:  If swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away.

Keep out of reach of children.  If swallowed,get medical help or contact a Poison ControlCenter right away.

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Dosage & Administration

Directions: Clean affected area, Apply small amount not more than 3 times daily.May be covered with a sterile bandage.

DirectionsRemove contacts before using.Twist top to remove.Flush the affected area as needed. ControlRate of flow by pressure on the bottle. Do not touchtip of the container to any surface. Do not reuse.If necessary continue flushing with emergency eyewash or shower.Discard bottle after use.

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Storage And Handling

Other Information:Store at room temperature

Store in a cool place. For irrigation only. Discard unused portion of the solution.Not for injection.

Flammable - keep away from fire or flameStore at room temperature 15-30 degree Celsius (59-86 degree Fahrenheit)

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Otc - Stop Use

Stop use if unusual redness, swelling or other symptoms occur. Consult a physician immediately.

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Stop use and ask a doctor if;an allergic reaction occurs, Seek medical help right awaypain or fever persistsnew or unexpected symptoms occurredness or swelling is presentringing in ears or loss of hearing occurs

Otc - When Using

Directions: Tear open packet, unfold towelette and use to cleanse desired skin area.  Discard towelette appropriately after single use.

Wipe Injection site vigorously and discard.

Inactive Ingredient

Inactive Ingredient:    Purified water

Inactive Ingredients:Sodium Chloride USP                                          44mgMonobasic Sodium Phosphate USP                18mgSodium Phosphate Dibasic USP                       111mg  Edetate Disodium USP                                       10mgBenzalkonium Chloride                                      0.5mgNF (as preservative)

Inactive Ingredient:    Purified water.

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LOT/EXP:                                    Made in CHINA20130301

Code No.: GUJ/DRUG/G/1080Batch No.:Mfg Date:Exp: Date:

LOT/EXP:                Made in CHINA20140301

MADE IN USADistributed by GENUINE FIRST AID600 Cleveland Str Suite 400, Clearwater, FL 33755

Otc - Ask Doctor

Ask a doctor before use if you have;asthmastomach problems (such as heartburn, upset stomach, or stomach pain) that persist or recur, ulcers or bleeding problemsa child experiencing arthritis painif you are;allergic to aspirintaking prescription drug for anticoagulation (thinning of blood), diabetes, gout or arthritis

Otc - Pregnancy Or Breast Feeding

If pregnant or breast-feeding, ask a health professional before use.  It is especially important not to use aspirin during the last 3 months of pregnancy unless definitely directed to do so by a doctor because it may cause problems in unborn child or complications during delivery.

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