NDC 59543-5002 Wettrust Inclear

NDC Product Code 59543-5002

NDC 59543-5002-1

Package Description: 10 GEL in 1 CARTON

This product is EXCLUDED from the official NDC directory because the listing data was inactivated by the FDA.

NDC Product Information

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Wettrust Inclear Product Labeling Information

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Product Labeling Index

Active Ingredient

Active Ingredients: Glycerin 6.50%

Inactive Ingredient

Inactive Ingredients: water, hydroxyethylcellulose, lactic acid, sodium citrate, methylparaben, disodium EDTA, sodium hyaluronate


Purpose: Cleansing vagina, maintaining vagina pH balanced, and improving odor and abnormal discharge (keep vagina fresh and clean)


Warnings: 1. Stop using the product and consult with your general practitioner for advice if any of the following signs or symptoms appear; rash, swelling, itching and irritation during its use 2. Do not use the product for any other purpose than vaginal cleaning. Do not use this product in eyes, nose, ears and anus. 3. In case of contacting with the cleansing gel in the eyes, immediately rinse with clean water. 4. This product is single-use disposable vaginal cleanser. Please do not reuse. 5. Consult with your general practitioner for advice if you wish to use this product during pregnancy. 6. This product does not provide contraception effects. Be aware that the contraception effects may decrease if you use this product after using spermicides like vaginal contraceptive film. 7. Do not use if the individual package or any part of the applicator has been broken or damaged.

Keep Out Of Reach Of Children


Indications & Usage

Indications & Usage: 1. Wash hands before opening the package. 2. Tear off the individual package. 3. Take out half of the applicator and hold the cap with fingers, then remove the cap by bending it downwards at 45 degrees. 4. Take out the applicator and get into a comfortable position. Then, insert the applicator approx. 5-8cm (from the tip). 5. Push the plunger to release cleansing gel. 6. Gently pull the applicator out of the vagina.

Dosage & Administration

Dosage & Administration: 1.7g / recommended to use one at a time.

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