NDC 62713-952 Allergena Texas Trees Kids

Echinacea, Baptisia Tinctoria,Hydrastis Canadensis,Myrrha,Nasturtium Aquaticum,Phytolacca - View Dosage, Usage, Ingredients, Routes, UNII

Product Information

NDC Product Code:
Proprietary Name:
Allergena Texas Trees Kids
Non-Proprietary Name: [1]
Echinacea, Baptisia Tinctoria, Hydrastis Canadensis, Myrrha, Nasturtium Aquaticum, Phytolacca Decandra, Trigonella Foenum-graecum, Texas Tree, Texas Weed, Texas Grass
Substance Name: [2]
Acacia Pollen; Acer Negundo Pollen; Acer Rubrum Pollen; Acer Saccharinum Pollen; Agrostis Gigantea Pollen; Ailanthus Altissima Pollen; Alnus Incana Subsp. Rugosa Pollen; Amaranthus Palmeri Pollen; Amaranthus Retroflexus Pollen; Amaranthus Spinosus Pollen; Amaranthus Tuberculatus Pollen; Ambrosia Artemisiifolia Pollen; Ambrosia Psilostachya Pollen; Ambrosia Trifida Pollen; Amphiachyris Dracunculoides Pollen; Arrhenatherum Elatius Pollen; Artemisia Annua Pollen; Artemisia Frigida Pollen; Artemisia Tridentata Pollen; Artemisia Vulgaris Pollen; Atriplex Canescens Pollen; Avena Sativa Pollen; Baccharis Halimifolia Pollen; Baptisia Tinctoria Root; Bassia Scoparia Pollen; Betula Lenta Pollen; Betula Nigra Pollen; Betula Papyrifera Pollen; Bromus Inermis Pollen; Broussonetia Papyrifera Pollen; Carya Alba Pollen; Carya Cordiformis Pollen; Carya Glabra Pollen; Carya Illinoinensis Pollen; Carya Ovata Pollen; Celtis Occidentalis Pollen; Chenopodium Album Pollen; Chenopodium Ambrosioides Pollen; Cupressus Arizonica Pollen; Cyclachaena Xanthifolia Pollen; Cynodon Dactylon Pollen; Dactylis Glomerata Pollen; Echinacea, Unspecified; Elymus Repens Pollen; Fagus Grandifolia Pollen; Fenugreek Leaf; Festuca Pratensis Pollen; Fraxinus Americana Pollen; Fraxinus Pennsylvanica Pollen; Fraxinus Velutina Pollen; Goldenseal; Iva Angustifolia Pollen; Iva Annua Pollen; Juglans Nigra Pollen; Juniperus Ashei Pollen; Juniperus Virginiana Pollen; Koeleria Macrantha Pollen; Ligustrum Vulgare Pollen; Liquidambar Styraciflua Pollen; Lolium Multiflorum Pollen; Lolium Perenne Pollen; Morus Alba Pollen; Morus Rubra Pollen; Myrrh; Nasturtium Officinale; Pascopyrum Smithii Pollen; Phalaris Arundinacea Pollen; Phleum Pratense Pollen; Phytolacca Americana Root; Picea Pungens Pollen; Pinus Nigra Pollen; Pinus Sylvestris Pollen; Pinus Taeda Pollen; Plantago Lanceolata Pollen; Platanus Occidentalis Pollen; Poa Annua Pollen; Populus Alba Pollen; Populus Deltoides Pollen; Populus Deltoides Subsp. Monilifera Pollen; Populus Nigra Pollen; Prosopis Juliflora Pollen; Quercus Alba Pollen; Quercus Macrocarpa Pollen; Quercus Rubra Pollen; Quercus Stellata Pollen; Quercus Velutina Pollen; Rumex Crispus Pollen; Rumex Obtusifolius Pollen; Salix Nigra Pollen; Salsola Tragus Pollen; Solidago Canadensis Pollen; Sorghum Bicolor Pollen; Sorghum Halepense Pollen; Sorghum X Drummondii Pollen; Taxodium Distichum Pollen; Triticum Aestivum Pollen; Ulmus Americana Pollen; Ulmus Crassifolia Pollen; Ulmus Pumila Pollen; Urtica Dioica Pollen; Xanthium Strumarium Pollen; Zea Mays Pollen
NDC Directory Status:
Human Otc Drug
Product Type: [3]
Dosage Form:
Liquid - A dosage form consisting of a pure chemical in its liquid1 state. This dosage form term should not be applied to solutions.
Administration Route(s): [4]
  • Oral - Administration to or by way of the mouth.
  • Labeler Code:
    Marketing Category: [8]
    UNAPPROVED HOMEOPATHIC - A category specifying that a product is marketed as unapproved homeopathic product.
    Start Marketing Date: [9]
    Listing Expiration Date: [11]
    Exclude Flag: [12]
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    Product Details

    What is NDC 62713-952?

    The NDC code 62713-952 is assigned by the FDA to the product Allergena Texas Trees Kids which is a human over the counter drug product labeled by Meditrend, Inc. Dba Progena Professional Formulations. The generic name of Allergena Texas Trees Kids is echinacea, baptisia tinctoria, hydrastis canadensis, myrrha, nasturtium aquaticum, phytolacca decandra, trigonella foenum-graecum, texas tree, texas weed, texas grass. The product's dosage form is liquid and is administered via oral form. The product is distributed in a single package with assigned NDC code 62713-952-01 30 ml in 1 bottle, dropper . This page includes all the important details about this product, including active and inactive ingredients, pharmagologic classes, product uses and characteristics, UNII information and RxNorm crosswalk.

    What are the uses for Allergena Texas Trees Kids?

    Use:This product is a Homeopathic Dilution formulated to support the body's immunity for the temporary relief of allergies.

    What are Allergena Texas Trees Kids Active Ingredients?

    An active ingredient is the substance responsible for the medicinal effects of a product specified by the substance's molecular structure or if the molecular structure is not known, defined by an unambiguous definition that identifies the substance. Each active ingredient name is the preferred term of the UNII code submitted.

    Which are the Pharmacologic Classes for Allergena Texas Trees Kids?

    A pharmacologic class is a group of drugs that share the same scientifically documented properties. The following is a list of the reported pharmacologic class(es) corresponding to the active ingredients of this product.

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    Product Footnotes

    [1] What is the Non-Proprietary Name? - The non-proprietary name is sometimes called the generic name. The generic name usually includes the active ingredient(s) of the product.

    [2] What is the Substance Name? - An active ingredient is the substance responsible for the medicinal effects of a product specified by the substance's molecular structure or if the molecular structure is not known, defined by an unambiguous definition that identifies the substance. Each active ingredient name is the preferred term of the UNII code submitted.

    [3] What kind of product is this? - Indicates the type of product, such as Human Prescription Drug or Human Over the Counter Drug. This data element matches the “Document Type” field of the Structured Product Listing.

    [4] What are the Administration Routes? - The translation of the route code submitted by the firm, indicating route of administration.

    [5] What is the Labeler Name? - Name of Company corresponding to the labeler code segment of the Product NDC.

    [8] What is the Marketing Category? - Product types are broken down into several potential Marketing Categories, such as NDA/ANDA/BLA, OTC Monograph, or Unapproved Drug. One and only one Marketing Category may be chosen for a product, not all marketing categories are available to all product types. Currently, only final marketed product categories are included. The complete list of codes and translations can be found at www.fda.gov/edrls under Structured Product Labeling Resources.

    [9] What is the Start Marketing Date? - This is the date that the labeler indicates was the start of its marketing of the drug product.

    [11] What is the Listing Expiration Date? - This is the date when the listing record will expire if not updated or certified by the product labeler.

    [12] What is the NDC Exclude Flag? - This field indicates whether the product has been removed/excluded from the NDC Directory for failure to respond to FDA"s requests for correction to deficient or non-compliant submissions ("Y"), or because the listing certification is expired ("E"), or because the listing data was inactivated by FDA ("I"). Values = "Y", "N", "E", or "I".