NDC 71024-105 Zapne

NDC Product Code 71024-105

NDC 71024-105-11

Package Description: 1 PACKET in 1 BOX > 4 mg in 1 PACKET

This product is EXCLUDED from the official NDC directory because the listing data was inactivated by the FDA.

NDC Product Information

Zapne with NDC 71024-105 is a product labeled by Zapne Llc. The product's dosage form is and is administered via form.

Inactive Ingredient(s)

About the Inactive Ingredient(s)
The inactive ingredients are all the component of a medicinal product OTHER than the active ingredient(s). The acronym "UNII" stands for “Unique Ingredient Identifier” and is used to identify each inactive ingredient present in a product.

  • NORI (UNII: 477TV3P5UX)

Product Labeler Information

What is the Labeler Name?
Name of Company corresponding to the labeler code segment of the Product NDC.

Labeler Name: Zapne Llc
Labeler Code: 71024
Start Marketing Date: 10-01-2014 What is the Start Marketing Date?
This is the date that the labeler indicates was the start of its marketing of the drug product.

Listing Expiration Date: 12-31-2019 What is the Listing Expiration Date?
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Exclude Flag: I - INACTIVATED, the listing data was inactivated by the FDA. What is the NDC Exclude Flag?
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Zapne Product Labeling Information

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Dosage & Administration

  • Directions:Wash skin to remove dirt, oils, and any cosmetics or lotions, then dry thoroughly.Open ZAPNE Packet Part 1 - Towelette infused with natrual 0.5% salicylic acid and thoroughly wipe face and neck. Allow to dry and do not rinse.Open Zapne Packet part 2-A which contains a green/gray powder of natrual fresh water sponge (spongilla lacustris), natural Aloe Vera, natrual sericin, brown seaweed, organic green tea, organic ginger root, willow bark, and chamomile. Pour its contens into a small mixing bowl.Carefully open ZAPNE Packet Part 2-B consisting of hydrogen peroxide 3% and water. Pour its content into a mixing bowl containing the powder.Mix thoroughly using your finger (1 minute).Apply the ZAPNE mixture as a max over your entire face. Rub vigorously with your fingers, according to your skin sensitivity. Massage in small circular motions. Avoid applying the mask too close to the eyes.Allow to drive for about 15 minutes. A tingling sensation may be felt as the mask begins drying and the skin may experience erythema (slight redness),Next rinse skin thoroughly by splashing cold water or showering to remove the mask. Do not wipe or scrub face.Any skin erythema (slight redness) and tingling sensations gradually fade over 8-24 hours.For best results avoid heavy moisturizers for at least 12 hours .After skin starts sloughing (shedding) within 3-4 days, scrub your face using an exfoliating scrub, cloth, or loofa to remove any dead skin.Avoid direct sunlight for two weeks after using the mask. Use a sunscreen if it is necessary to be in direct sunlight.Apply again one week after the first application and contine to apply weekly until the desired results are acheived.WARNING: Avoid direct contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rinse thoroughly with water or other eye wash fuilds. If the problem persists, see a doctor immediately.


Warnings: For external use only.Using other topical acne medications at the same time or immediately following the use of this product may increase dryness or irritation of the skin. If this occurs, only one treatment should be used unless directed by a doctor. Avoid direct contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rinse thoroughly with water.Keepy out of reach of children. If swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center immediately.

Inactive Ingredient

Other IngredientsNatural Fresh Water Sponge(spongillalacustris), organic Aloe Vera, NaturalSericin, Brown Seaweed, Organic GreenTea, Organic Ginger Root, Willow Bark(Salix alba), Organic Chamomile,Propanediol, Decyl Glucoside, CitricAcid, Potassium Sorbate, HydrogenPeroxide and Water

Indications & Usage

Indications: For the treatment of Acne

Otc - Keep Out Of Reach Of Children

Keep out of reach of children: If swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center immediately.

Otc - Purpose

  • ZapneAcne Treatment SystemUse Only Once a WeekEasy 15-minute Mask TreatmentFast ActingFeel and See it WorkingAll NAtrual IngredientsFour Complete Weekly Treatments

Otc - Active Ingredient

Active ingredients: salicylic acid 0.5% from natural willow bark extract

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