NDC 86342-003 Nmn


NDC Product Code 86342-003

NDC CODE: 86342-003

Proprietary Name: Nmn What is the Proprietary Name?
The proprietary name also known as the trade name is the name of the product chosen by the medication labeler for marketing purposes.

Non-Proprietary Name: Nmn What is the Non-Proprietary Name?
The non-proprietary name is sometimes called the generic name. The generic name usually includes the active ingredient(s) of the product.

Product Characteristics

GRAY (C48324)
Shape: CAPSULE (C48336)
110 MM
Score: 3
COFFEE (C73380)

NDC Code Structure

  • 86342 - Cosmic (worldwide) Group Company Limited

NDC 86342-003-01

Package Description: 60 CAPSULE in 1 CAPSULE

NDC Product Information

Nmn with NDC 86342-003 is a a human over the counter drug product labeled by Cosmic (worldwide) Group Company Limited. The generic name of Nmn is nmn. The product's dosage form is capsule and is administered via oral form.

Dosage Form: Capsule - A solid oral dosage form consisting of a shell and a filling. The shell is composed of a single sealed enclosure, or two halves that fit together and which are sometimes sealed with a band. Capsule shells may be made from gelatin, starch, or cellulose, or other suitable materials, may be soft or hard, and are filled with solid or liquid ingredients that can be poured or squeezed.

Product Type: Human Otc Drug What kind of product is this?
Indicates the type of product, such as Human Prescription Drug or Human Over the Counter Drug. This data element matches the “Document Type” field of the Structured Product Listing.

Nmn Active Ingredient(s)

What is the Active Ingredient(s) List?
This is the active ingredient list. Each ingredient name is the preferred term of the UNII code submitted.

Inactive Ingredient(s)

About the Inactive Ingredient(s)
The inactive ingredients are all the component of a medicinal product OTHER than the active ingredient(s). The acronym "UNII" stands for “Unique Ingredient Identifier” and is used to identify each inactive ingredient present in a product.


Administration Route(s)

What are the Administration Route(s)?
The translation of the route code submitted by the firm, indicating route of administration.

  • Oral - Administration to or by way of the mouth.

Product Labeler Information

What is the Labeler Name?
Name of Company corresponding to the labeler code segment of the Product NDC.

Labeler Name: Cosmic (worldwide) Group Company Limited
Labeler Code: 86342
Marketing Category: UNAPPROVED HOMEOPATHIC - What is the Marketing Category?
Product types are broken down into several potential Marketing Categories, such as NDA/ANDA/BLA, OTC Monograph, or Unapproved Drug. One and only one Marketing Category may be chosen for a product, not all marketing categories are available to all product types. Currently, only final marketed product categories are included. The complete list of codes and translations can be found at www.fda.gov/edrls under Structured Product Labeling Resources.

Start Marketing Date: 09-09-2021 What is the Start Marketing Date?
This is the date that the labeler indicates was the start of its marketing of the drug product.

Listing Expiration Date: 12-31-2022 What is the Listing Expiration Date?
This is the date when the listing record will expire if not updated or certified by the product labeler.

Exclude Flag: N - NO What is the NDC Exclude Flag?
This field indicates whether the product has been removed/excluded from the NDC Directory for failure to respond to FDA"s requests for correction to deficient or non-compliant submissions ("Y"), or because the listing certification is expired ("E"), or because the listing data was inactivated by FDA ("I"). Values = "Y", "N", "E", or "I".

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Nmn Product Label Images

Nmn Product Labeling Information

The product labeling information includes all published material associated to a drug. Product labeling documents include information like generic names, active ingredients, ingredient strength dosage, routes of administration, appearance, usage, warnings, inactive ingredients, etc.

Product Labeling Index

Indications & Usage

Resveratrol is an antioxidant thatinhibits the growth of cancer cells.This product is an human OTC drug,which has been evaluated by the Foodand Drug Administration .

Suggested Use

Adults take 2 capsulesdaily or as recommended by your healthcare professional.

Inactive Ingredient

Antrodia Cinnamomea extract

Cordyceps militaris extract


Keep in a cool and dry environment. For long-term, temperaturebelow-60°F or 15°C is recommended.

Otc - Active Ingredient

Beta-nicotinamide Mononucleotide


Otc - Purpose

NMN can increase cellar levels of NAD+,activating longevity proteins,Sirt1 to Sirt7.

Bocsts energy Metabollsm

Promotes Heaithy brain

Anti-aging Dna repair

Otc - Keep Out Of Reach Of Children

Keep out of reach of children


Children under the age of 18,pregnant or nursing mothers need professional suggestions before use.

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