Bradykinin B2 Receptor Antagonists [MoA] - N0000182964

Pharmacologic Class Information

Pharmacologic Code N0000182964
Pharmacologic Name Bradykinin B2 Receptor Antagonists
Pharmacologic Uses
  • bradykinin B2 receptor antagonist
Pharmacologic Concept Mechanisms of Action - [MoA]
Pharmacologic Concept Description This concept refers to the mechanism of action pharmacologic action at the receptor, membrane, or tissue level. In MED-RT, molecular, subcellular, or cellular effects of drug generic ingredients, organized into a chemical function classification hierarchy, beneath the "Cellular or Molecular Interactions" concept.

NDC Products with Bradykinin B2 Receptor Antagonists

The table contains 10 products whose active ingredient are classified under the same pharmacologic class Bradykinin B2 Receptor Antagonists [MoA].

NDC Proprietary Name Non-Proprietary Name Dosage Form Route Name Company Name Status
0093-3066Icatibant Non-Proprietary Name: IcatibantInjection, SolutionSubcutaneousTeva Pharmaceuticals Usa, Inc.ACTIVE
24201-207Icatibant Non-Proprietary Name: IcatibantInjection, SolutionSubcutaneousHikma Pharmaceuticals Usa Inc.ACTIVE
54092-702Firazyr Non-Proprietary Name: Icatibant AcetateInjection, SolutionSubcutaneousTakeda Pharmaceuticals America, Inc.ACTIVE
55150-351Icatibant Non-Proprietary Name: IcatibantInjection, SolutionSubcutaneousEugia Us LlcACTIVE
60505-6214Icatibant Non-Proprietary Name: Icatibant AcetateInjection, SolutionSubcutaneousApotex Corp.ACTIVE
63323-574Icatibant Non-Proprietary Name: IcatibantInjection, SolutionSubcutaneousFresenius Kabi Usa, LlcACTIVE
69097-664Icatibant Non-Proprietary Name: IcatibantInjectionSubcutaneousCipla Usa Inc.ACTIVE
70709-013Sajazir Non-Proprietary Name: IcatibantInjectionSubcutaneousCycle Pharmaceuticals Ltd-ukACTIVE
71225-114Icatibant Non-Proprietary Name: IcatibantInjectionSubcutaneousSlayback Pharma LlcACTIVE
72162-2106Icatibant Non-Proprietary Name: Icatibant AcetateInjection, SolutionSubcutaneousBryant Ranch PrepackACTIVE