UNII 68401960MK

UNII Information

Unique Ingredient Identifier: 68401960MK
Unique Ingredient Identifier is a a non-proprietary, free, unique, unambiguous, nonsemantic, alphanumeric identifier based on a substance's molecular structure and/or descriptive information.
Preferred Substance Name: CROSPOVIDONE (120 .MU.M)
Preferred term, preferred substance name or display name.
Registry Number: 9003-39-8
Registry Number used by many public chemical information systems.
RXCUI: 2109746
RXNORM Ingredient Concept Code.
Substance Type: polymer
The ISO 11238 substance type used for the primary substance identity.

UNII Synonyms and Mappings

  • CROSPOVIDONE (120 .MU.M) Common Name
  • CROSPOVIDONE (15 MPA.S AT 5%) Common Name
  • KOLLIDON CL Brand/Trade Name
  • POLYPLASDONE XL Brand/Trade Name

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