UNII S88TT14065


UNII Information

Unique Ingredient Identifier: S88TT14065
The Unique Ingredient Identifier (UNII) is a unique alphanumeric code assigned to a specific substance or ingredient by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). UNII codes are non-proprietary, free, unique, unambiguous and nonsemantic. Each UNII code consists of 10 characters with both letters and numbers. The first two characters represent the source of the substance while the remaining eight characters represent the specific substance. UNII codes are primarily used to identify and track substances in several drug databases and regulatory documents related to drugs, biologics, and medical devices.
Preferred Substance Name: OXYGEN
The Preferred Substance Name (PSN) is the official or preferred name of a substance or ingredient. The preferred name provides a standardized and consistent name for each substance is used in the UNII code system. The preferred name may differ from other names also commonly used to refer the same substance. The PSN is usually the name used by regulatory agencies like the FDA.
The Simplified Molecular Input Line Entry System or SMILES is a format used to represent and describe the molecular structure of a substance or ingredient. SMILES uses a series of alphanumeric characters to represent the atoms and bonds in a molecule in conjunction with other symbols and operators to indicate the arrangement and connectivity of the atoms.
Registry Number: 7782-44-7
The Registry Number is the unique numerical identifiers assigned to a substance or ingredient by the Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS). The CAS registry number is a used and recognized standard identifier by many industries and regulatory agencies. The Registry Number facilitates cross-referencing substances between different databases that may use different naming conventions or identifiers.
NCI Thesaurus Concept Code: C722
The NCI Thesaurus give reference terminology for many systems. The code includes vocabulary for clinical care, translational research, basic research, public information and administrative activities.
UNII to RxNorm Crosswalk: 7806 (RXCUI)
The RxNorm Ingredient Concept Code is the numeric code assigned to a specific substance or ingredient by the National Library of Medicine's RxNorm system. By including the RxNorm code in the UNII code system it is possible to crossover UNII codes to RxNom.
PubChem Compound ID: 977
The PubChem Compound ID is a unique identifier for a specific substance or ingredient in the PubChem database which is the largest collection of freely accessible chemical information by the National Center for Biotechnology Information. The PubChem database is a resource for drug discovery, development, chemical research, and other applications.
The Taxonomic Serial Number is a unique identifier for a specific species of organism in the Integrated Taxonomic Information System. The ITIS is a comprehensive database of taxonomic information on plants, animals, fungi, and microbes, maintained by a partnership of several US government agencies.
The International Organization for Standardization - ISO 11238 substance type is used as a data element in the UNII code system to provide additional information about the type of substance being identified.

UNII Synonyms and Mappings

The following synonyms and mappings provide alternative ways to refer to the same substance or ingredient. Synonyms may include different names or spellings, alternate chemical names, trade names, or other common names.

  • DIOXYGEN - Common Name
  • E-948 - Code
  • INS NO.948 - Code
  • INS-948 - Code
  • MOLECULAR OXYGEN - Common Name
  • OXYGEN - Name identified as having official status
  • OXYGEN [EP MONOGRAPH] - Common Name
  • OXYGEN [GREEN BOOK] - Common Name
  • OXYGEN [HSDB] - Common Name
  • OXYGEN [JAN] - Common Name
  • OXYGEN [MART.] - Common Name
  • OXYGEN [MI] - Common Name
  • OXYGEN [USP MONOGRAPH] - Common Name
  • OXYGEN [VANDF] - Common Name
  • OXYGEN [WHO-DD] - Common Name
  • OXYGEN [WHO-IP] - Common Name
  • OXYGEN MOLECULE - Common Name
  • OXYGENIUM [WHO-IP LATIN] - Common Name

UNII Resources

Common Chemistry
CAS Common Chemistry is an open community resource of the American Chemical Society for accessing chemical information. The chemical information in the CAS database is curated by expert scientists and includes information of common and frequently regulated chemicals and information applicable to high school and undergraduate chemistry classes.
Inxight Drugs
The National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS) Inxight Drugs database has a comprehensive drug development information. The NCATS Inxight Drugs includes manually curated data provided by private companies and FDA. The database has marketing and regulatory status information, rigorous drug ingredient definitions, biological activity, clinical use, etc.
DailyMed Regulated Products
The National Library of Medicine DailyMed is a searchable database that includes the most recent product labeling information submitted to the FDA by private companies.
NCATS GSRS Full Record
The Global Substance Registration System (GSRS) was designed to facilitate global monitoring of human and animal medicinal, food, tobacco, and cosmetic products. GSRS includes unique substance identifiers consistent with the ISO 11238 standard.
NCI Thesaurus
NCI Thesaurus (NCIt) by the National Cancer Institute provides reference terminology for clinical care, translational and basic research, and public information and administrative activities.
The PubChem database by the National Library of Medicine includes the chemical structures of small organic molecules and information on their biological activities.

UNII Crossover to NDC Codes

This unique ingredient identifier is listed as an ingredient or substance in the following products in the NDC directory:

NDC Proprietary Name Non-Proprietary Name Dosage Form Route Name Company Name Status
10006-001Proprietary Name: Oxygen Acetylene Oxygen CompanyINACTIVATED
10006-004Proprietary Name: Medical Air Acetylene Oxygen CompanyINACTIVATED
10006-009Proprietary Name: Heliox Acetylene Oxygen CompanyINACTIVATED
10006-010Proprietary Name: Heliox Acetylene Oxygen CompanyINACTIVATED
10006-011Proprietary Name: Heliox Acetylene Oxygen CompanyINACTIVATED
10014-001Proprietary Name: Oxygen OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)Aero All Gas CompanyACTIVE
10014-006Proprietary Name: Oxygen Helium Mixture Aero All Gas CompanyINACTIVATED
10014-007Proprietary Name: Oxygen Helium Mixture 40/60 Aero All Gas CompanyINACTIVATED
10014-008Proprietary Name: Oxygen Helium Mixture 40/60 Aero All Gas CompanyINACTIVATED
10014-009Proprietary Name: Oxygen Helium Mixture Aero All Gas CompanyINACTIVATED
10014-018Proprietary Name: Oxygen Helium Mixture 30/70 Aero All Gas CompanyINACTIVATED
10018-8999Proprietary Name: Oxygen OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)Air Products And Chemicals, Inc.ACTIVE
10073-111Proprietary Name: Oxygen OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)Oz Arc/gas Equipment & Supply, Inc.ACTIVE
10109-1234Proprietary Name: Oxygen Acs Medical LlcINACTIVATED
10163-0202Proprietary Name: Oxygen Quality Home Medical, Inc.INACTIVATED
10167-100Proprietary Name: Oxygen 0xygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)Air Source Industries IncACTIVE
10167-600Proprietary Name: Air Compressed Air CompressedGasRespiratory (inhalation)Air Source IndustriesACTIVE
10189-001Proprietary Name: Oxygen OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)Butler Gas Products CompanyACTIVE
10218-001Proprietary Name: Oxygen OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)Cee-kay Supply, Inc.ACTIVE
10221-001Proprietary Name: Oxygen OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)Central-mcgowan, Inc.ACTIVE
10297-001Proprietary Name: Oxygen A Ox Welding Supply Company Inc.INACTIVATED
10297-004Proprietary Name: Air 90% Carbon Dioxide 10% A-ox Welding Supply Co., Inc.INACTIVATED
10297-070Proprietary Name: Heliox HelioxGasRespiratory (inhalation)A-ox Welding Supply Co., Inc.ACTIVE
10297-080Proprietary Name: Heliox HelioxGasRespiratory (inhalation)A-ox Welding Supply Co., Inc.ACTIVE
10297-100Proprietary Name: Oxygen OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)A Ox Welding Supply Company Inc.ACTIVE
10297-103Proprietary Name: Air AirGasRespiratory (inhalation)A-ox Welding Supply Co., Inc.ACTIVE
10304-463Proprietary Name: Oxygen OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)Delille Oxygen CompanyACTIVE
10358-1417Proprietary Name: Oxygen Airsense IncINACTIVATED
10412-0001Proprietary Name: Oxygen OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)Flint Welding Supply CompanyACTIVE
10451-001Proprietary Name: Oxygen OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)General Distributing Co.ACTIVE
10451-004Proprietary Name: Air AirGasRespiratory (inhalation)General Distributing CompanyACTIVE
10453-0123Proprietary Name: Oxygen Sunrise Medical Supply, Inc. Dba American Medical OxygenINACTIVATED
10482-001Proprietary Name: Oxygen R. N. Goss Gas Products CompanyINACTIVATED
10492-001Proprietary Name: Oxygen Greco Gas IncINACTIVATED
10526-001Proprietary Name: Oxygen Haun Welding Supply, Inc.INACTIVATED
10526-005Proprietary Name: Oxygen OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)Haun Welding Supply, Inc.ACTIVE
10641-001Proprietary Name: Oxygen Lake Welding Supply CompanyINACTIVATED
10671-010Proprietary Name: Oxygen Air Liquide America L.p.INACTIVATED
10671-011Proprietary Name: Oxygen Air Liquide America L.p.INACTIVATED
10671-013Proprietary Name: Oxygen Air Liquide America L.p.INACTIVATED
10671-100Proprietary Name: Ez-ox Air Liquide America L.p.INACTIVATED
10671-101Proprietary Name: Ez-ox Plus Air Liquide America L.p.INACTIVATED
10675-002Proprietary Name: Oxygen America's Healthcare At Home, Inc.INACTIVATED
10678-001Proprietary Name: Oxygen Airgas-west, Inc.INACTIVATED
10678-007Proprietary Name: Helium Oxygen Mix Airgas-west, Inc.INACTIVATED
10678-008Proprietary Name: Oxygen Carbon Dioxide Mix Airgas-west, Inc.INACTIVATED
10678-010Proprietary Name: Helium Oxygen Mix 70/30 Airgas-west, Inc.INACTIVATED
10678-011Proprietary Name: Helium Oxygen Mix 80/20 Airgas-west, Inc.INACTIVATED
10690-001Proprietary Name: Oxygen OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)Depke Welding Supplies, Inc.ACTIVE
10698-0001Proprietary Name: Oxygen Mabscott Supply CompanyINACTIVATED
10725-0001Proprietary Name: Oxygen Red River Welding Supply Co. Dba Mcginnis Welding Supply CoINACTIVATED
10736-001Proprietary Name: Oxygen Medical-technical Gases, Inc.INACTIVATED
10736-009Proprietary Name: Compressed Gas, Oxidizing, N.o.s. Medical-technical Gases, Inc.INACTIVATED
10736-010Proprietary Name: Compressed Gas, Oxidizing, N.o.s. Medical-technical Gases, Inc.INACTIVATED
10736-011Proprietary Name: Compressed Gas N.o.s. Medical-technical Gases, Inc.INACTIVATED
10736-013Proprietary Name: Helium Oxygen Mixture Medical-technical Gases, Inc.INACTIVATED
10736-202Proprietary Name: Oxygen OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)Medical-technical Gases, Inc.ACTIVE
10825-001Proprietary Name: Oxygen Northern Welding SupplyINACTIVATED
10825-002Proprietary Name: Oxygen Northern Welding SupplyINACTIVATED
10867-001Proprietary Name: Oxygen Mitchell Home Medical, Inc.INACTIVATED
10913-001Proprietary Name: Oxygen Prest-o-sales & Service IncINACTIVATED
10927-003Proprietary Name: Oxygen OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)Purity Cylinder Gases IncACTIVE
10927-103Proprietary Name: Oxygen Purity Cylinder Gases IncINACTIVATED
10927-105Proprietary Name: Oxygen Purity Cylinder Gases IncINACTIVATED
10942-1094Proprietary Name: Oxygen Welders Supply - Raimy CorporationINACTIVATED
10942-1095Proprietary Name: Oxygen Raimy CorporationINACTIVATED
10942-1096Proprietary Name: Oxygen Raimy CorporationINACTIVATED
10942-2001Proprietary Name: Oxygen OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)Raimy CorporationACTIVE
10942-2005Proprietary Name: Oxygen OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)Raimy CorporationACTIVE
11023-001Proprietary Name: Oxygen Corp Brothers Holdings, LlcINACTIVATED
11043-001Proprietary Name: Oxygen OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)S. J. Smith Co., Inc.ACTIVE
11054-009Proprietary Name: Oxygen OxygenGasCutaneous; Respiratory (inhalation)Airgas Usa, LlcACTIVE
11054-010Proprietary Name: Oxygen, Refrigerated Oxygen, RefrigeratedGasRespiratory (inhalation)Airgas Usa, LlcACTIVE
11054-032Proprietary Name: Helium Oxygen Mixture Helium Oxygen MixtureGasRespiratory (inhalation)Airgas Usa, LlcACTIVE
11054-041Proprietary Name: Helium, Oxygen Helium, OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)Airgas Usa, LlcACTIVE
11054-042Proprietary Name: Helium, Oxygen Helium, OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)Airgas Usa, LlcACTIVE
11054-110Proprietary Name: Air AirGasRespiratory (inhalation)Airgas Usa, LlcACTIVE
11054-114Proprietary Name: Carbon Dioxide Oxygen Mix Carbon Dioxide Oxygen MixGasRespiratory (inhalation)Airgas Usa, LlcACTIVE
11054-152Proprietary Name: Nitrogen Oxygen Mix Nitrogen Oxygen MixGasRespiratory (inhalation)Airgas Usa, LlcACTIVE
11054-999Proprietary Name: Oxygen Airgas Usa, LlcINACTIVATED
11056-001Proprietary Name: Oxygen OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)South Jersey Welding SupplyACTIVE
11087-001Proprietary Name: Oxygen Smi Services, Inc.INACTIVATED
11103-001Proprietary Name: Oxygen OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)Temple Industrial Welding Supply CoACTIVE
11110-0002Proprietary Name: Oxygen Alegent HealthINACTIVATED
11324-001Proprietary Name: Oxygen OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)Linde Puerto Rico B.v.ACTIVE
11324-006Proprietary Name: Air AirGasRespiratory (inhalation)Linde Puerto Rico B.v.ACTIVE
11324-721Proprietary Name: Oxygen OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)Linde Puerto Rico B.v.ACTIVE
11331-001Proprietary Name: Oxygen American Welding & GasINACTIVATED
11365-001Proprietary Name: Oxygen OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)Medical Products Group LlcACTIVE
11401-6994Proprietary Name: Oxygen OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)Hawaii Home Infusion Associates, Ltd.ACTIVE
11564-001Proprietary Name: Oxygen OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)Fresno Oxygen & Welding Suppliers IncACTIVE
11564-004Proprietary Name: Air AirGasRespiratory (inhalation)Fresno Oxygen And Welding Suppliers, Inc.ACTIVE
11748-010Proprietary Name: Oxygen OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)P And J Oxyfill, LlcACTIVE
11853-013Proprietary Name: Oxygen OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)Air Liquide Large Industries U.s. LpACTIVE
11896-0017Proprietary Name: Helium Oxygen Airgas National WeldersINACTIVATED
11896-0018Proprietary Name: Helium Oxygen Airgas National WeldersINACTIVATED
11896-0019Proprietary Name: Helium Oxygen Airgas National WeldersINACTIVATED
11928-002Proprietary Name: Oxygen OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)Mada Medical Products, Inc.ACTIVE
11988-001Proprietary Name: Oxygen OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)Lubbock Welding SupplyACTIVE
11999-001Proprietary Name: Oxygen OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)Welders Supply CompanyACTIVE
12121-001Proprietary Name: Oxygen OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)Badger Welding Supplies, Inc.ACTIVE
12201-001Proprietary Name: Oxygen Central Nebraska Home Care ServicesINACTIVATED
12213-200Proprietary Name: 40% Oxygen/nitrogen Mix 40% Oxygen/nitrogen MixGasRespiratory (inhalation)Nexair LlcACTIVE
12213-720Proprietary Name: Oxygen OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)Nexair, LlcACTIVE
12213-726Proprietary Name: Carbon Dioxide/oxygen Mix Nexair, LlcINACTIVATED
12213-733Proprietary Name: Nitrogen Oxygen Mix Nitrogen Oxygen MixGasRespiratory (inhalation)Nexair, LlcACTIVE
12213-800Proprietary Name: Carbon Dioxide/oxygen Mix Carbon Dioxide/oxygen MixGasRespiratory (inhalation)Nexair, LlcACTIVE
12213-801Proprietary Name: Helium/oxygen Mix Helium/oxygen MixGasRespiratory (inhalation)Nexair, LlcACTIVE
13633-001Proprietary Name: Oxygen OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)Mountaineer Home Medical LlcACTIVE
13826-001Proprietary Name: Oxygen OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)Gallup Welders Supply, Inc.ACTIVE
13859-001Proprietary Name: Oxygen OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)Craig's Drug Store, Inc.ACTIVE
14080-001Proprietary Name: Oxygen OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)Ktl&c Llc Dba Rx Positive Medical SupplyACTIVE
14208-532Proprietary Name: Oxygen OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)Ctws, LlcACTIVE
14214-0123Proprietary Name: Oxygen OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)Leading Respiratory Service Inc.ACTIVE
14217-001Proprietary Name: Oxygen Southold Pharmacy, IncINACTIVATED
14269-001Proprietary Name: Oxygen OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)Healthwise Pharmacy Of Greenville, Inc. Dba Healthwise PharmacyACTIVE
14784-001Proprietary Name: Oxygen OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)Quick-fill Mobile Oxygen LlcACTIVE
14961-001Proprietary Name: Oxygen Haun Specialty Gases, Inc.INACTIVATED
14961-004Proprietary Name: Air AirGasRespiratory (inhalation)Haun Specialty Gases, Inc.ACTIVE
14961-006Proprietary Name: Oxygen OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)Haun Specialty Gases, Inc.ACTIVE
15055-001Proprietary Name: Oxygen Allied Medcor Services, Inc.INACTIVATED
15062-003Proprietary Name: Oxygen Texas Welders Supply CompanyINACTIVATED
15240-0001Proprietary Name: Oxygen Community Oxygen ServicesINACTIVATED
15499-1234Proprietary Name: Oxygen First Choice Medical Equipment Inc.EXPIRED
15547-001Proprietary Name: Oxygen OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)Tri State Medical SupplyACTIVE
16175-0001Proprietary Name: Oxygen OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)Calmar Dba A&r Medical SupplyACTIVE
16408-2714Proprietary Name: Oxygen Georgia Respiratory Homecare & Medical Equipment LlcINACTIVATED
16913-0001Proprietary Name: Oxygen OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)Advanced Medical Equipment, LlcACTIVE
17134-001Proprietary Name: Oxygen Roberts Home Medical, Inc.INACTIVATED
17575-001Proprietary Name: Oxygen OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)Agl Inhalation Therapy Co.ACTIVE
17575-020Proprietary Name: Carbon Dioxide Oxygen Mixture 5/95 Carbon Dioxide Oxygen Mixture 5/95GasRespiratory (inhalation)Agl Inhalation Therapy Co.ACTIVE
17575-038Proprietary Name: Oxygen Helium Mixture 30/70 Oxygen Helium Mixture 30/70GasRespiratory (inhalation)Agl Inhalation Therapy Co.ACTIVE
17575-192Proprietary Name: Oxygen Helium Mixture 20/80 Oxygen Helium Mixture 20/80GasRespiratory (inhalation)Agl Inhalation Therapy Co.ACTIVE
17575-300Proprietary Name: Air AirGasRespiratory (inhalation)Agl Welding Supply Co., Inc.ACTIVE
17819-1072Proprietary Name: Oxygen Noble Gas Solutions, Inc.INACTIVATED
18087-0001Proprietary Name: Oxygen OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)Anaconda Oxygen & Respiratory Specialists Inc Dba Anaconda Oxygen ServiceACTIVE
18482-004Proprietary Name: Air AirGasRespiratory (inhalation)Inland Welding Supply Dba A-l Compressed GasesACTIVE
18482-018Proprietary Name: Oxygen OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)Inland Welding Supply Dba A-l Compressed GasesACTIVE
19188-123Proprietary Name: Oxygen OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)All Saints HealthcareACTIVE
19218-0001Proprietary Name: Oxygen Size B OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)Anesthesia Service, Inc.ACTIVE
19218-0002Proprietary Name: Oxygen Size C OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)Anesthesia Service, Inc.ACTIVE
19218-0003Proprietary Name: Oxygen Size D OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)Anesthesia Service, Inc.ACTIVE
19218-0004Proprietary Name: Oxygen Size E OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)Anesthesia Service, Inc.ACTIVE
19218-0005Proprietary Name: Oxygen Size M OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)Anesthesia Service, Inc.ACTIVE
19218-0006Proprietary Name: Oxygen Size F OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)Anesthesia Service, Inc.ACTIVE
19218-0007Proprietary Name: Oxygen Size H OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)Anesthesia Service, Inc.ACTIVE
19218-0008Proprietary Name: Oxygen Size T OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)Anesthesia Service, Inc.ACTIVE
19218-0009Proprietary Name: Oxygen Size 400 OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)Anesthesia Service, Inc.ACTIVE
19979-000Proprietary Name: Medical Oxygen Compressed OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)Dickinson Home Medical EquipmentACTIVE
20175-072Proprietary Name: Oxygen OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)O2 For U, Inc.ACTIVE
20479-0682Proprietary Name: Oxygen OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)Hometown Medical LlcACTIVE
20703-002Proprietary Name: Oxygen OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)General Welding Supply Corp.ACTIVE
20942-672Proprietary Name: Oxygen OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)Peninsula Home Health CareACTIVE
21220-119Proprietary Name: Oxygen OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)General Air Service & Supply CoACTIVE
21220-127Proprietary Name: Helium/oxygen Mixture 80/20 General Air Service & Supply CoINACTIVATED
21220-128Proprietary Name: Helium/oxygen Mixture 70/30 General Air Service & Supply CoINACTIVATED
21220-129Proprietary Name: Carbon Dioxide Oxygen Mixture General Air Service & Supply CoINACTIVATED
21220-130Proprietary Name: Oxygen Nitrogen Mixture Oxygen Nitrogen MixtureGasRespiratory (inhalation)General Air Service & Supply Co.ACTIVE
21220-152Proprietary Name: Air AirGasRespiratory (inhalation)General Air Service & Supply CoACTIVE
21220-155Proprietary Name: Helium/oxygen Mixture 80/20 Helium/oxygen Mixture 80/20GasRespiratory (inhalation)General Air Service & Supply Co.ACTIVE
21220-156Proprietary Name: Carbon Dioxide Oxygen Mixture Carbon Dioxide Oxygen MixtureGasRespiratory (inhalation)General Air Service & Supply CoACTIVE
21220-157Proprietary Name: Carbon Dioxide Air Mixture Carbon Dioxide Air MixtureGasRespiratory (inhalation)General Air Service & Supply CoACTIVE
21220-158Proprietary Name: Helium/oxygen Mixture 70/30 Helium/oxygen Mixture 70/30GasRespiratory (inhalation)General Air Service & Supply CoACTIVE
21221-002Proprietary Name: Oxygen OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)General Cryogenic Technologies LlcACTIVE
21550-123Proprietary Name: Oxygen All Med, LlcINACTIVATED
21624-001Proprietary Name: Oxygen OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)Island Supply Welding Co IncACTIVE
22557-001Proprietary Name: Oxygen OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)Agp LlcACTIVE
23021-001Proprietary Name: Oxygen Cranston Welding Supply CompanyINACTIVATED
23390-1020Proprietary Name: Oxygen OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)Denman Services, Inc.ACTIVE
23644-001Proprietary Name: Oxygen, Compressed Home Care Pharmacy Of Palm Coast, Inc.INACTIVATED
23647-001Proprietary Name: Oxygen OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)Syoxsa, Inc.ACTIVE
23647-003Proprietary Name: Air AirGasRespiratory (inhalation)Syoxsa, Inc.ACTIVE
23650-001Proprietary Name: Oxygen OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)New Bedford Welding Supply, Inc.ACTIVE
23916-1234Proprietary Name: Oxygen Cedar Mountain Respiratory, Inc.INACTIVATED
24027-0699Proprietary Name: Oxygen OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)Broadway Medical Service & Supply, Inc.ACTIVE
24306-123Proprietary Name: Oxygen Cylinder Maintenabce And Supply, IncINACTIVATED
24312-001Proprietary Name: Oxygen OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)Airtec Gases, LlcACTIVE
24319-0001Proprietary Name: Oxygen Homeside Healthcare, Inc.INACTIVATED
24533-001Proprietary Name: Oxygen Melo's Gas And Gear, Inc.INACTIVATED
24694-001Proprietary Name: Oxygen OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)Greenville Truck And Welding Supplies LlcACTIVE
24781-0001Proprietary Name: Oxygen Apollo Services Inc.INACTIVATED
24846-0001Proprietary Name: Oxygen Wilkinson Pharmacy, Inc.INACTIVATED
24882-001Proprietary Name: Oxygen OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)Foundation Health, LlcACTIVE
24887-001Proprietary Name: Oxygen OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)Superior Oxygen & Medical EquipmentACTIVE
24913-2234Proprietary Name: Oxygen Denison IncINACTIVATED
25251-123Proprietary Name: Oxygen Oxyair Medical LlcINACTIVATED
25336-5563Proprietary Name: Oxygen Buffalo Welding CorpINACTIVATED
25373-001Proprietary Name: Oxygen Linde Gas & Equipment Inc.INACTIVATED
25373-006Proprietary Name: Air, Compressed Linde Gas & Equipment Inc.INACTIVATED
25373-011Proprietary Name: Carbon Dioxide And Oxygen Mixture, Compressed, Oxidizing, N.o.s. Linde Gas & Equipment Inc.INACTIVATED
25373-012Proprietary Name: Compressed, N.o.s. Linde Gas & Equipment Inc.INACTIVATED
25373-101Proprietary Name: Oxygen Linde Gas & Equipment Inc.INACTIVATED
25543-001Proprietary Name: Oxygen Airgas East, Inc.INACTIVATED
25543-200Proprietary Name: Compressed Oxygen Compressed OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)Airgas, Inc.ACTIVE
26124-001Proprietary Name: Oxygen Helget, Inc.INACTIVATED
26124-002Proprietary Name: Oxygen OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)Helget, Inc.ACTIVE
26482-0001Proprietary Name: Oxygen Corner MedicalINACTIVATED
26866-001Proprietary Name: Oxygen OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)Bandy's PharmacyACTIVE
27190-100Proprietary Name: Oxygen, Refrigerated Patient Aids, Inc. Dba Home Respiratory ServiceINACTIVATED
27561-001Proprietary Name: Oxygen OxygenGasRespiratory (inhalation)Elixair Medical IncACTIVE