NDC Labeler Aace Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Aace Pharmaceuticals, Inc. labeler's code is 71406. The labeler has 4 products that have an assigned National Drug Code.

NDC Proprietary Name Non-Proprietary Name Dosage Form Route Name Product Type Status
71406-105Senna Sennosides 8.6 Mg TabletsTabletOralHuman Otc DrugACTIVE
71406-106Senna-s Docusate Sodium 50 Mg Sennosides 8.6 MgTablet, Film CoatedOralHuman Otc DrugACTIVE
71406-124Lubricant Pm Mineral Oil, White Petrolatum Lubricant Eye OintmentOintmentOphthalmicHuman Otc DrugACTIVE
71406-128Aspirin 81 Mg Aspirin Enteric Coated Tablets 81 MgTablet, Delayed ReleaseOralHuman Otc DrugACTIVE