Acid Reducer

List of products in the National Drug Code with proprietary name acid reducer. Ranitidine is known as an H2 blocker. It works by reducing the amount of acid in your stomach. It is used to prevent and treat heartburn and other symptoms caused by too much acid in the stomach (acid indigestion). This drug has been withdrawn from the US market due to problems with safety. A possible cancer-causing impurity has been found in some ranitidine products.

NDC Proprietary Name Non-Proprietary Name Dosage Form Route Name Labeler Name Product Type
0363-1008Acid Reducer OmeprazoleTablet, Delayed ReleaseOralWalgreen Co.Human Otc Drug
0363-9977Acid Reducer Esomeprazole MagnesiumTabletOralWalgreensHuman Otc Drug
0536-1322Acid Reducer OmeprazoleTablet, Delayed ReleaseOralRugby LaboratoriesHuman Otc Drug
10202-722Acid Reducer OmeprazoleTablet, Delayed ReleaseOral7-elevenHuman Otc Drug
11822-0141Acid Reducer original strengthFamotidineTablet, Film CoatedOralRite Aid CorporationHuman Otc Drug
11822-0194Acid Reducer maximum strengthFamotidineTablet, Film CoatedOralRite Aid CorporationHuman Otc Drug
11822-5600Acid Reducer Esomeprazole MagnesiumTablet, Delayed ReleaseOralRite Aid CorporationHuman Otc Drug
30142-077Acid Reducer OmeprazoleTablet, Delayed ReleaseOralKroger CompanyHuman Otc Drug
37808-856Acid Reducer Esomeprazole MagnesiumTablet, Delayed ReleaseOralH E BHuman Otc Drug
37835-189Acid Reducer OmeprazoleTablet, Delayed ReleaseOralBi-martHuman Otc Drug
43598-824Acid Reducer Original StrengthFamotidineTabletOralDr.reddys Laboratories Inc.Human Otc Drug
43598-960Acid Reducer Maximum StrengthFamotidineTabletOralDr.reddys Laboratories Inc.Human Otc Drug
49035-983Acid Reducer OmeprazoleTablet, Delayed ReleaseOralWal-mart Stores, Inc.Human Otc Drug
53943-016Acid Reducer OmeprazoleTablet, Delayed ReleaseOralDiscount Drug MartHuman Otc Drug
55315-996Acid Reducer OmeprazoleTablet, Delayed ReleaseOralFred's, Inc.Human Otc Drug
56062-141Acid Reducer FamotidineTablet, Film CoatedOralPublix Super Markets IncHuman Otc Drug
57483-120Acid Reducer OmeprazoleTablet, Delayed ReleaseOralInnovus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.Human Otc Drug
58602-729Acid Reducer OmeprazoleTablet, Delayed ReleaseOralAurohealth LlcHuman Otc Drug
58602-826Acid Reducer OmeprazoleTablet, Delayed ReleaseOralAurohealth LlcHuman Otc Drug
58602-850Acid Reducer OmeprazoleTablet, Delayed ReleaseOralAurohealth LlcHuman Otc Drug
59640-023Acid Reducer FamotidineTablet, Film CoatedOralH E BHuman Otc Drug
59726-056Acid Reducer Esomeprazole MagnesiumTablet, Delayed ReleaseOralP & L Development, LlcHuman Otc Drug
63941-006Acid Reducer OmeprazoleTablet, Delayed ReleaseOralBest ChoiceHuman Otc Drug
67091-244Acid Reducer Ranitidine HydrochlorideTablet, Film CoatedOralWinco Foods, LlcHuman Otc Drug
67091-316Acid Reducer OmeprazoleTablet, Delayed ReleaseOralWinco Foods, Llc.Human Otc Drug
69168-443Acid Reducer Maximum StrengthFamotodineTabletOralAllegiant HealthHuman Otc Drug
69618-054Acid Reducer OmeprazoleTablet, Delayed ReleaseOralReliable 1 Laboratories LlcHuman Otc Drug
69842-659Acid Reducer FamotidineTablet, Film CoatedOralCvs PharmacyHuman Otc Drug
69842-679Acid Reducer Esomeprazole MagnesiumTablet, Delayed ReleaseOralCvs PharmacyHuman Otc Drug
69842-869Acid Reducer RanitidineTablet, CoatedOralCvs Health CorpHuman Otc Drug
69842-871Acid Reducer RanitidineTabletOralCvs Health CorpHuman Otc Drug
69842-941Acid Reducer OmeprazoleTablet, Delayed ReleaseOralCvs Pharmacy, Inc.Human Otc Drug
70000-0095Acid Reducer Esomeprazole MagnesiumTablet, Delayed ReleaseOralCardinal Health (leader) 70000Human Otc Drug
70000-0232Acid Reducer Omeprazole MagnesiumCapsule, Delayed ReleaseOralLeader/ Cardinal Health 110, Inc.Human Otc Drug
70000-0521Acid Reducer OmeprazoleTablet, Delayed ReleaseOralCardinal HealthHuman Otc Drug
80136-852Acid Reducer OmeprazoleTablet, Delayed ReleaseOralNortheast PharmaHuman Otc Drug
15127-340Acid Reducer Select Brand
21130-003Acid Reducer Safeway Inc.
37808-351Acid Reducer H E B
49035-351Acid Reducer Wal-mart Stores, Inc
49348-026Acid Reducer Mckesson
49781-027Acid Reducer Cardinal Health
50804-352Acid Reducer Good Sense
55315-351Acid Reducer Fred's Inc.
59779-354Acid Reducer Cvs Pharmacy
61715-089Acid Reducer Preferred Plus (kinray)
61715-090Acid Reducer Preferred Plus (kinray)
62011-0227Acid Reducer Mckesson
63868-487Acid Reducer Chain Drug Marketing Association Inc.
63941-351Acid Reducer Valu Merchandisers Company
67091-243Acid Reducer Winco Foods, Llc
68016-351Acid Reducer Premier Value
68071-5012Acid Reducer Nucare Pharmaceuticals,inc.