NDC Labeler Mondel?z Global Llc

Mondel?z Global Llc labeler's code is 12546. The labeler has 54 products that have an assigned National Drug Code.

NDC Proprietary Name Non-Proprietary Name Dosage Form Route Name Product Type
12546-101Halls Ice PeppermintMentholLozengeOralHuman Otc Drug
12546-104Halls Sugar Free Black CherryMentholLozengeOralHuman Otc Drug
12546-109Halls CherryMentholLozengeOralHuman Otc Drug
12546-110Halls Honey LemonMentholLozengeOralHuman Otc Drug
12546-111Halls Ice PeppermintMentholLozengeOralHuman Otc Drug
12546-112Halls MENTHO-LYPTUSMentholLozengeOralHuman Otc Drug
12546-114Halls StrawberryMentholLozengeOralHuman Otc Drug
12546-115Halls Tropical FruitMentholLozengeOralHuman Otc Drug
12546-151Breezers Cool BerryPectinLozengeOralHuman Otc Drug
12546-219Halls StrawberryMentholLozengeOralHuman Otc Drug
12546-223Halls Sugar Free Honey BerryMentholLozengeOralHuman Otc Drug
12546-241Halls HoneyMentholLozengeOralHuman Otc Drug
12546-311Halls Extra Strong MentholMentholLozengeOralHuman Otc Drug
12546-317Halls HoneyMentholLozengeOralHuman Otc Drug
12546-319Halls Honey LemonMentholLozengeOralHuman Otc Drug
12546-320Halls Honey LemonMentholLozengeOralHuman Otc Drug
12546-321Halls MentholMentholLozengeOralHuman Otc Drug
12546-330Halls Sugar Free Black CherryMentholLozengeOralHuman Otc Drug
12546-331Halls CherryMentholLozengeOralHuman Otc Drug
12546-333Halls CherryMentholLozengeOralHuman Otc Drug
12546-334Halls MentholyptusMentholLozengeOralHuman Otc Drug
12546-336Halls Kids CherryMentholLozengeOralHuman Otc Drug
12546-337Halls Kids StrawberryMentholLozengeOralHuman Otc Drug
12546-338Halls Honey VanillaMentholLozengeOralHuman Otc Drug
12546-339Halls Honey ChamomileMentholLozengeOralHuman Otc Drug
12546-340Halls Honey GingerMentholLozengeOralHuman Otc Drug
12546-341Halls Extra Strong Menthol MentholMentholLozengeOralHuman Otc Drug
12546-342Halls MentholMentholLozengeOralHuman Otc Drug
12546-343Halls Frozen CherryMentholLozengeOralHuman Otc Drug
12546-347Halls Sugar Free Honey LemonMentholLozengeOralHuman Otc Drug
12546-348Halls Sugar Free CherryMentholLozengeOralHuman Otc Drug
12546-349Halls Sugar Free Mentho-LyptusMentholLozengeOralHuman Otc Drug
12546-350Halls Kids Honey AppleMentholLozengeOralHuman Otc Drug
12546-352Breezers Creamy StrawberryPectinLozengeOralHuman Otc Drug
12546-613Halls Sugar Free Citrus BlendMentholLozengeOralHuman Otc Drug
12546-640Halls Sugar Free Mountain MentholMentholLozengeOralHuman Otc Drug
12546-642Halls Sugar Free Honey LemonMentholLozengeOralHuman Otc Drug
12546-692Halls Sugar Free Assorted MintsMentholLozengeOralHuman Otc Drug
12546-720Halls Breezers Sugar Free Cool BerryPectinLozengeOralHuman Otc Drug
12546-105Halls Mocha Mint
12546-106Halls Apple Cider
12546-107Halls Sugar Free Black Cherry
12546-108Halls Butterscotch
12546-113Halls Spearmint
12546-150Breezers Tropical Chill
12546-165Halls Cherry
12546-224Halls Naturals Honey Lemon Chamomile
12546-313Halls Sugar Free Extra Strong Menthol
12546-314Hallssugar Free Extra Sugar Free Extra Strong Menthol
12546-315Hallsmelon Splash Melon Splash
12546-318Halls Mint Bliss
12546-332Halls Spearmint
12546-335Halls Orange
12546-985Halls Plus Strawberry